Design factory Mogu (based in Inarzo, Italy)  is the first of a kind to commercialise comfort-oriented and functional interior products based on mycelium technology. The activities are based on extensive material and processing research by designer Serena Camere (Head of Products of Mogu) and by designer Maurizio Montalti (︎︎︎Officina Corpuscoli, Amsterdam).

Their slogan Radical by nature describes the company’s dedication to developing, designing, producing and commercialising different typologies of innovative biomaterials and products deriving from processes rooted in fungal fermentation, at industrial scale. Mogu employs mycelium to recycle low-value residues from other industries to be transformed into products with high added value, characterised by unique aesthetics. During Sorry we are Trying. Biomaterials in Practice, there will be various samples on display that are used for acoustic panels and floor tiles.

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The designers on show represent a long term and holistic, yet step by step approach on innovating bio-cycles. Their work renegotiates the relationship of man, technology and nature and highlights the role of transdisciplinary collaborations.

The designers work within the potentials and limitations of a new (bio)material landscape and take it upon themselves to test, develop and explore applications. Some of the studios struggle with the performance of their organic materials, while others still have a (long) way to go in the process of scaling up their promising findings.

In order to gradually shift from the petroleum based production and waste systems, and bring about systemic change, they intervene at different stages of a globalised value chain.

 Zuzana Gombošová

Elissa Brunato


 Aurelia Noudelman 

 Christian Paul Kaegi
Eugenia Morpurgo, Sophia Guggenberger

Youyang Song

⑧ Lukas Wegwerth
Verena Michels
Vlasta Kubušová, Miroslav Kral

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