⑧ Lukas Wegwerth

Lukas Wegwerth in collaboration with Crafting Plastics: 
Three+One is a construction system created by designer Lukas Wegwerth. It combines modular connectors and oak beams. The wood is locally sourced in the center of Germany and independently processed in a self-established value chain that starts with the forest owner and covers all intermediate steps from the raw resource to the finished element of the system.

During Sorry We are Trying. Biomaterials in Practice, stools initially designed by the two studios and made of wood and bioplastics for events at Alcova, Milan, will again serve an audience during the exhibition until January 8, 2022. (edit: due to the recently announced lockdown in Bratislava, physical events will be postponed until further notice). 

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The designers on show represent a long term and holistic, yet step by step approach on innovating bio-cycles. Their work renegotiates the relationship of man, technology and nature and highlights the role of transdisciplinary collaborations.

The designers work within the potentials and limitations of a new (bio)material landscape and take it upon themselves to test, develop and explore applications. Some of the studios struggle with the performance of their organic materials, while others still have a (long) way to go in the process of scaling up their promising findings.

In order to gradually shift from the petroleum based production and waste systems, and bring about systemic change, they intervene at different stages of a globalised value chain.

 Zuzana Gombošová

Elissa Brunato 


 Aurelia Noudelmann

Eugenia Morpurgo, Sophia Guggenberger

Youyang Song

⑧ Lukas Wegwerth 
Verena Michels
Vlasta Kubušová, Miro Kral

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