The exhibition is at Zichy Gallery in the Old Town of Bratislava has been extended until 31.1.22. Due to a lockdown in Bratislava, all scheduled opening events had been cancelled or moved online. We are updating the ongoing documentation of the exhibition. Please keep on checking. 

Zichy Gallery, Ventúrska 265, 811 01 Staré Mesto, Slovakia

1st Biodegradable Concept Store
This section displays products which have already succeeded to enter the market, such as a limited, artistic edition of bags (QWSTION + Kunsthaus Zürich) and Mogu’s acoustic panels. Furthermore, there are cp! studio’s 3d-printed vases and 4 types of durable rain capes by Weather Underground.

Material Workshop Sit down on stools made by Lukas Wegwerth + cp! studio and meet our neighbors, students, experts, friends and guests. In this workshop section, there are material samples from the exhibiting studios such as PEELSPHERE and Malai, to view from close up and to talk about. Next to that, there is a (plant based) nail studio which offers biodegradable trend colors and performative education over small talk…

Research Lab This area uses cp! bookshelf as a modular display. The research section provides detailed insights into waste wool research by cp! studio as well as Syntropia’s technical development of their plant based shoe. An open curtain, illustrated by Anastasija Maas for Syntropia, reveals a research wall and some space to add ideas, test and try out.

Sound installation The architecture of gallery ZICHY connects the historical basement with the ground floor by means of a 8m deep former water well. The sound piece by Aurelia Noudelman is based on the vibration of plant roots. Emanating from the bottom of the well, the music creates an atmospheric soundtrack for the exhibition. Special thanks to flower shop Orchidea for providing the gigantic palm tree.

︎︎︎3D View

The exhibition Sorry, we are trying. Biomaterials in Practice investigates themes of sustainable action and brings together organic products, ephemeral materials and functional designs exploring possibilities of new biological production and waste cycles.

Zuzana Gombošová (Malai, Kerala),
Mogu, Inarzo (VA),
Aurelia Noudelman (Amsterdam),
Elissa Brunato (Radiant Matter, London),
Bananatex by QWSTION (Switzerland),
Eugenia Morpurgo and Sophia Guggenberger (Syntropia, Venice and Vienna),
Youyang Song (Peelsphere, Berlin), Lukas Wegwerth (Berlin),
Verena Michels (Weather Underground, Berlin),
Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Kral (Crafting Plastics studio, Bratislava)

Tal Erez (design curator), Galit Gaon (design curator), Ivana Maleš (circular economy consultant), Sven Bergmann (cultural anthropologist)

Vlasta Kubušová and Verena Michels

Marlene Stach 


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2021 by Verena Michels / Vlasta Kubušová, Berlin / Bratislava